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Membership is open to anyone interested in genealogy.

When purchasing or renewing your membership, please provide your name and contact information.


NOTE: Paypal payment is still under construction.


Individual Membership

Purchase an Individual Annual membership for $20.




Dual Membership $25

Purchase an annual Dual Membership for $25.



Lifetime – 15 times annual membership  (Circle one)   Use printed form below.


OR you may still use standard mail by following the instructions below.

To join, please print this page. You can then complete the form and mail it along with a check to the address shown. Be sure to mark “Membership” on the outside of your envelope. OR you may bring it with you to one of our monthly meetings and deliver it to one of our board members.

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Mail this form with your check to:

Membership Eastside Genealogical Society

PO Box 374

Bellevue, Washington 98009-0374