About our past meetings.

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

The Eastside Genealogical Society will meet on Thursday, November 9, 2017 in the Bellevue Regional Library (Room 1), 1111 – 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004 at 7 pm, with doors opening at 6:30 pm for networking.

Topic:  Adoptions and DNA – Finding Long Lost Family

We will . . .

. review two adoptee’s stories of how we found living biological relatives.

. learn about DNA basics, DNA search tips and understanding DNA testing results.

. learn how to build a DNA Match’s family tree with documented resources only to discover potential relatives.

. learn how to ask questions and find answers using on-line resources that will lead you to discovering your own family tree and finding remaining biological relatives.

There is enough content, technique and intrigue here to interest every family historian.

Speaker:  Leslie Edmunds is an expert-level family historian and consultant trainer. She has been developing skills over the last 40 years and enjoys sharing tips and techniques to mine a resource to its fullest potential. She is often heard saying” It’s crazy but true; when I look, I find.” Leslie is known for starting with the vaguest of clues to discover entire family lines for other people. Her regions of expertise include Canada, the US, the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Luxembourg, Hungary, Slovakia and Northern Europe. Her time periods of expertise include 1940 to present, 1860 to 1940, and 1700 to 1860. Leslie has recently completed projects in compiling surname family units over three centuries in ancestral locations, finding living biological relatives of adoptees, creating biographical stories/timelines from newspapers, creating sourced only family trees, tracing Quaker immigrants, researching civil war participation and using government-sponsored digital archives and demographic databases to hone her skills and develop new resource knowledge. Leslie is all about doing family history on a budget and has an incredible arsenal of free on-line and off-line resources at her finger tips.

October 12th

Topic:  Go West, Young Man: Online Resources for the Western United States.  Cowboys, ranchers, miners, & pioneers with wanderlust led to colorful history and lifestyles. Learn about traditional & unique records found in the Wild West.

Speaker: Cyndi Ingle is owner & webmaster of Cyndi’s List, a categorized list of over 336,000 online genealogical resources.  She is also a seminar presenter & an author.

September 14th

Celia McNay will present a class on using the FamilySearch Research Wiki.

May 11, 7 pm

The representative from Gorham Printing is coming to talk to us about self-publishing our family histories and memoirs; a great idea as a gift or for the summer family reunion.

April 13, 7 pm

The Eastside Genealogical Society will meet on Thursday, April 13, 2017 in the Bellevue Regional Library (Room 1), 1111 – 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004 at 7 pm, with doors opening at 6:30 pm for networking.

Janice Lovelace, “Is Great-Grandmother Really Native American? An introduction to Native American Genealogical Research”

Many families have the oral history that an ancestor was Native American. How does a family researcher begin to discover if this is true? What federal, state and tribal records are available? the presenter will guide you through these specialized resources.

March 9th

Mary Kircher Roddy – The Westward Migration


February 9th meeting

The Eastside Genealogical Society will meet on Thursday, February 9, 2017 in the Bellevue Regional Library (Room 1), 1111 – 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004 at 7 pm, with doors opening at 6:30 pm for networking.

Topic:  WikiTree is a free, shared social networking genealogy website that allows users individually to research and contribute to their own personal family trees, while building and collaborating on a singular worldwide family tree within the same system.  Come learn about this useful website.

January 12th meeting:

Topic:  Maps and Genealogy

Genealogists have many tools to describe what our ancestors did. Maps allow us to describe where they did it. This presentation will demonstrate how to build a custom ancestral map in Google Earth.  Resources to build a custom map, like the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries and U.S. Geological Survey, will be discussed. Other online mapping resources, some directly applicable to Google Earth and some not, will also be discussed.

Presenter:  Joe Flint

Joe has been doing Genealogy for about 16 years.  He is a retired computer programmer and has a Bachelor degree in History from the University of Washington. (Go Dawgs!)  He has been fascinated with maps since childhood and is eager to share the wonders of Maps and Genealogy.